Carbon assets,

Track the CO2, removals, and credits that flow through your value chain to improve data transparency and streamline access to carbon markets, including emerging tax & compliance regimes.

Track carbon assets with no strings attached.

Mangrove supports carbon removal companies and credit originators by giving them choice and options of where to sell. Separating inventory management and distribution channels is critical for companies that want the best pricing and commercial terms for their carbon assets.

Coordinate smoothly between operations and sales

Mangrove makes it easy for sales, operations and settlements teams to know what's available now and in the future.

Sell future inventory based on forecasts
Prevent orders from exceeding forecasts
Reporting by project, vintage and credit type
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Easily manage sales channels in one place

Mangrove supports internal sales teams in addition to orders from marketplaces, carbon accounting channels and ReFi.

Track orders from first conversation to delivery
Prevent double selling inventory with holds
Add inventory from multiple projects to orders
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Audit and history tracking on all data

Trust is critical in the carbon markets. That's why history tracking is enabled on critical data such as credits, issuances, projects and forecasts.

Customize to support different workflows

Mangrove supports different types of suppliers with custom credit types, order statuses and more.

Reporting and alerts

Access inventory availability in real time with inventory delivery reports and receive alerts when critical thresholds are met.

Manage team members and permissions

Invite team members to support origination, settlement and forecasting with rich team functionality.

Lifecycle emissions tracking

With lifecycle emissions data stored in Mangrove, it's easy to track the life of a credit from each step in the process.

User-focused interface and design

We're a team of engineers and designers who understand how important usability and design is to making tools that deliver optimal outcomes.

Move on from spreadsheets

Mangrove prepares carbon removal companies and credit originators to credibly handle audits and prepare for the future of the carbon markets.

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