Mangroves in ocean

Carbon credit inventory, managed.

Get a complete picture of your carbon credit inventory while enabling pre-sales, sales teams, bridging on-chain and selling via marketplaces.

Control issuances

Automate, track, import and edit upcoming issuances with Mangrove's purpose-built inventory management software. With automated issuances inventory is dynamically updated so you can sell more.

Empower your sales team

Purpose built for the carbon market, Mangrove supports pre-sales so you can fund the development of new projects, facilities and technologies. Give sales a real-time view of inventory, the ability to track proposals and lock-down credits to ensure double selling doesn't occur.

Built for carbon

Scale your carbon removal business with software built with the needs of carbon removal companies and project developers in mind.

Put inventory on hold

Prevent double selling or double proposing of the same inventory by putting inventory on hold for a set period of time.

Channel Management

Add, track and integrate with your distribution channels to better supply your partners and report on previous sales.

Schedule issuances

Add inventory on a scheduled basis with scheduled issuances on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Manage team members

Invite team members from origination, settlement, accounting and sales to track your inventory.

Reporting for teams

Easily access reports to track upcoming inventory, current inventory, pre-sales and advanced commitments.

Registry data syncing

Sync data from registries into your own projects and inventory.

Order notifications and events

Follow through on contractual obligations with notifications and events for offtake agreements, advanced commitments and more.

Match supply with demand

Forecast your ability to generate supply against your prospective demand pipeline to ensure orders are fufilled.

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